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A variety of enriching school activities, assemblies and field trips create avenues to explore the curriculum beyond the classroom. These activities are truly beneficial for all the students as they help to identify their strengths and interests which may lie outside the routine curriculum.

School assemblies bring students together as a community to showcase their learning acknowledge their achievements and give them a chance to perform in a welcoming environment. They also boost the students to polish their social skills, team work and group responsibilities. Teachers share their thoughts about class issues with the students and motivate them to do their best.

Our field trips link classroom learning to the real world. Students are taken on field trips regularly. Teachers plan the trips depending on the concepts taught. This helps to reinforce the understanding of the subject in the class and helps the students to learn the concepts through more practical ways. Trips and visits play a major part in school life. The knowledge and experience gained beyond the classroom consolidates, extends and enriches the curriculum. We believe that students derive immense educational benefit from first-hand experience of places, events and visits.

The Annual Cultural Day gives an opportunity to the students to present their talents in music, dance and drama. All the students get a chance to present themselves in front of a huge audience comprising of parents and guests. The credit goes to the teachers and support staff for managing such large student groups. The Sports Day is a non-competitive event where all the students try their physical and mental prowess. The school believes in 100% participation and finds a place for each and every child in these events.

School life requires a balance between learning and having fun. The beauty of our school is the diverse mix of cultures. There is so much we can learn from one another and our special activities held throughout the year allow us to celebrate and share these differences. We host many special activities on regular basis for all sorts of occasions such as Diwali, Gandhi Jayanti, Christmas, Independence Day, Janmashtami, Navratri, Holi etc. We also organize other events such as bird feeding day, old toys and used clothes donation day etc. and the enthusiasm of all the students during these events is really pleasing and inspiring. It develops a sense of care, belongingness and responsibility towards the society right from the very young age itself.

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